Hardik Pandya Tattoo – All 8 tattoos and their meaning

Updated on: Nov 16, 2023 5:58 pm IST

Hardik Pandya Tattoo

Hardik Pandya Tattoo have a story to tell and unravel one of the most colourful cricketers that is him. Let’s dig deeper and find out more about Hardik Pandya’s tattoos.

1. Believe Tattoo

Hardik Pandya has inked ‘Believe’ on his left arm. As it stands, this tattoo gives Hardik the belief that he can counter any situations not only on the field but also in life as well. He comes forward from a middle-class Gujarati family of Baroda, this tattoo depicts the struggle that he has gone through in his life.

Hardik Pandya Believe Tattoo

2. Tiger Tattoo

This tattoo on his left arm is his favourite one as this one gives him the strength and courage to become numero uno just like a tiger.

Hardik Pandya Tiger Tattoo

3. ‘Never Give Up’ Tattoo

There is a tattoo of a fighter carrying a sword on the inner side of his right arm. It is also written ‘never give up’ just underneath the image. This one gives him the motivation for his ‘never say die’ attitude.

Hardik Pandya Never Give Up Tattoo

4. ‘Live to Succeed or Die Trying’ Tattoo

It is just like you are going through a motivational book when reading about his tattoos. This one on his left arm biceps indicates that you should never stop trying in your life and give everything that you have in the tank.

Hardik Pandya ‘Live to Succeed or Die Trying’ Tattoo

5. Paw Tattoo

Hardik Pandya loves his dogs and this tattoo is the tribute to them. He has got their paws inked on the right side of his neck. Two of them also carry the initials (A, B) of his 2 dogs- Aston Pandya and Bentley Pandya.

Hardik Pandya Paw Tattoo

6. Peace Tattoo

Hardik has inked a symbol of ‘peace’ on the left side of his neck. This symbol can be found out from the various cultures across the globe. This indicates that all the volatility from his nature is gone and he is now at peace with life.

7. Time Defining Clock

Hardik Pandya has got a clock inked on his left forearm. This clock indicates the time of his birth.

Hardik Pandya Tattoo Time Defining Clock

8. An Abstract Tattoo

Hardik is having an abstract tattoo on his right forearm, but the mystery of this tattoo has not been unlocked yet. Even cricketers are allowed to keep something private, aren’t they?

Hardik Pandya An Abstract Tattoo

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