Venkatesh Prasad’s Wife: All you need to know about Jayanthi Prasad

Published on: Feb 22, 2023 2:08 pm IST|Updated on: Feb 22, 2023 2:08 pm IST

Venkatesh Prasad's Wife

Legendary Indian pace bowler Venkatesh Prasad’s better half name is Jayanthi Prasad. The couple got married on April 22, 1996 in Bangalore.

Age  Not Known
Husband Name Venkatesh Prasad
Profession Not known
Instagram jayprsad

Who is Venkatesh Prasad’s wife?

Jayanthi Prasad is the wife of Venkatesh Prasad and the couple got married in Bangalore on April 22, 1996. The couple met two years prior through Anil Kumble and their relationship blossomed over time. According to, the couple started communicating with each other by exchanging phone calls and meeting regularly. Interestingly, Jayanthi Prasad proposed to Venkatesh first, and the former cricketer happily accepted her proposal.

Venkatesh Prasad's Wife Venkatesh Prasad's Wife

What is the profession of Venkatesh Prasad’s wife?

Venkatesh Prasad’s wife Jayanthi used to work in ‘Titan’ the watch manufacturing company prior to her marriage. The couple met in 1994 courtesy of Anil Kumble who also hails from Bangalore. Anil Kumble was the one who introduced Jayanthi to Venkatesh Prasad and it was the lady who proposed to the cricketer.

Venkatesh Prasad and Jayanthi Prasad have been together for 27 years now. They have had their ups and downs like any other couple, but what makes them a standout couple is their love for each other. Besides the love, the couple has utmost respect for each other and 27 years is just a number in their relationship.

Venkatesh Prasad's Wife


Venkatesh and Jayanthi have been happily married ever since and have a son together named Prithvi Prasad. The couple’s relationship is a testament to the fact that love can blossom in unexpected ways, and it is not always necessary to follow traditional gender roles in relationships. After hanging his International boots, Prasad took up cricket coaching and was busy in his commitments, but it was his understanding and loving wife Jayanthi who took care of the household and also raised their only son Prithvi Prasad.

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