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WWE Rhea Ripley Height, Husband, Age, Wrestlemania, Women’s Championship, Instagram, Hot


Rhea Ripley WWE: She is perhaps the most talked about wrestler currently on the Women’s roster and for good reason. Not often do you come to Raw challenge the champion and win the Championship at Wrestlemania. She is one of the wrestlers who is on the ascendency right now is feuding with Charlotte Flair and Asuka right now. The girl from Adelaide started off as being a babyface but has since taken on an antagonistic persona and unleashed what she calls her brutality.

Rhea Ripley Height

Rhea stands at 5 ft 7 in which gives her a distinct advantage in size over other professional wrestlers. She is all muscle and has shown that she can match strength with any other woman on the roster. This goes with her athleticism and makes her a big thing here in the WWE.

Rhea Ripley Husband

Rhea is unmarried and has confirmed herself to be in a relationship with Demetri  Jackson in 2019. Demetri is a wrestler too.

Rhea Ripley WrestleMania

Rhea had her breakout moment in Wrestlemania 36 when she competed against Charlotte Flair and lost her NXT title. She redeemed herself in the Wrestlemania this year when she defeated Asuka. Two huge wrestlemania main events for this young superstar who at the age of 24 has the world at her feet.

Rhea Ripley Women’s Championship

Rhea has had quite the relationship with Women’s Championship. She started as part of the NXT UK brand and was the inaugural champion there. She then became the most dominant NXT champion ever before moving on to RAW to become the RAW women’s champion at Wrestlemania 37

Rhea Ripley Instagram

Rhea is pretty active on social media and has a following of 799k people on Instagram. Her handle is rhearipley_wwe and she keeps posting pictures of her training regime, her pets, her boyfriend and off course teases her matches.

Rhea Ripley Hot

Rhea has quite the physique which she flaunts every now and then. Her gothic persona certainly adds to her attraction and in the years to come she is surely going to be a force to be reckoned with in future.

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