5 Batsmen with Most Sixes in T20 World Cup

Updated on: Jul 26, 2023 11:55 am IST

most sixes in T20 World Cup

The ICC T20 World Cup has been a stage for some exhilarating six-hitting displays, with batsmen showcasing their power and hitting ability. Let’s look at the top five batsmen with most sixes in T20 World Cup who have dominated the tournament with their big hitting.

Player Matches 6s
Chris Gayle 33 63
Rohit Sharma 39 35
Jos Buttler 27 33
Yuvraj Singh 31 33
Shane Watson 24 31

1. Chris Gayle – 63

Chris Gayle, famously known as the “Universe Boss,” has been a formidable force in T20 cricket and especially in the T20 World Cup. In 33 matches, Gayle has unleashed a stunning total of 63 sixes. The Jamaican powerhouse’s ability to clear the ropes with ease and score at a rapid pace has made him a crowd favorite and one of the most successful T20 batsmen in the world.

2. Rohit Sharma – 35

Rohit Sharma, the “Hitman” of Indian cricket, is renowned for his elegant strokeplay and ability to hit big sixes. In T20 World Cups, Sharma has accumulated 35 sixes in 39 matches. As one of the most successful openers in T20 cricket, Sharma’s six-hitting ability has played a crucial role in India’s success in the tournament.

3. Jos Buttler – 33

Jos Buttler, the aggressive English wicketkeeper-batsman, has a flair for hitting sixes in the T20 World Cup. In 27 matches, Buttler has sent the ball soaring over the boundary ropes on 33 occasions. His ability to adapt to various situations and provide explosive starts to the innings makes him a key player for England.

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4. Yuvraj Singh – 33

Yuvraj Singh, the Indian cricket legend, is fondly remembered for his heroics in the T20 World Cup. In 31 matches, Yuvraj hammered 33 sixes, including six consecutive sixes off Stuart Broad in the 2007 edition. Yuvraj’s aggressive batting and ability to take on any bowling attack made him one of the most dangerous T20 batsmen of his era.

5. Shane Watson – 31

Shane Watson, the Australian all-rounder, was a powerful striker of the ball and a key contributor for his team in T20 World Cups. In 24 matches, Watson smashed 31 sixes, playing crucial innings at the top of the order. His aggressive approach and clean hitting made him a valuable asset for Australia in the tournament.

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