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| On Updated : Jul 6, 2020 10:22 AM IST

Asia Cup 2020 likely to be postponed: Report

The multi nation tournament in Asia cup in all likelihood might be scrapped for this year as the respective boards are showing minimal interest in participating in the tournament.

The tournament which was supposed to happen in the 20 over format will now be either postponed due to the novel corona virus pandemic or scrapped for this year. The event was initially planned to take place in Pakistan but since the BCCI refused to travel, the ACC (Asian Cricket Council) had to move the tournament to UAE where the tourney happened last time around as well.

Decision on Asia cup to be taken in the coming week

The final decision on the happenings of Asia cup will be taken in the coming week as stated by the Sri Lankan news outlet The Sunday Times. It is a near impossible task to conduct the tournament that will have 6 teams participating in it. The amount of travel that a teams needs to undergo for this Asia cup will only increase the risk considering the current circumstances.

The BCCI will be more than happy to hear to postponement of Asia cup as they are eagerly waiting to stage the cash rich league in Indian premier league during that window. Meanwhile, the BCCI is also awaiting a final decision from the ICC regarding the whereabouts of the T20 world cup which is scheduled for October window so that BCCI can plan accordingly to conduct IPL.

IPL to happen outside India!

Once the decisions on Asia cup and WT20 are finalized, the BCCI will be working in full force to look for the possibilities of organizing the IPL. In all probability, considering the situation in India where the dangerous corona virus pandemic is failing to ease, the marquee league might just take part outside India with Sri Lanka and UAE being the possible venues. The final decision on WT20 will be taken on 2nd week of July.

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