“Indian bookies are the most corrupt”, says ICC official

Updated on: Oct 19, 2018 2:29 pm IST

The shocking statement

A shocking statement made by a top member of the International Cricket Council was that most of the bookies who indulge in corrupt activities are from India. This was discovered after several investigations were held looking into the matter.

ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit’s GM Alex Marshall is looking into the ongoing investigations about the corruption in Sri Lanka Cricket. He said that in case of the corruption in Sri Lanka, it has been due to local and Indian influences. He revealed during an interview that in most other parts of the world, corruption in cricket is due to corrupt Indian bookies only.

During the investigation

In this investigation, Sri Lankan great Sanath Jaisuriya has been charged with non-cooperation in the ongoing investigation. ACU also shared information about active corruptors with players of England and Sri Lanka, who are currently playing against each other.




The players were given information and shown pictures of active corruptors who were trying to engage with players not just in Sri Lanka but in other parts of the world too. Marshall also revealed that this exercise has already led to new leads being provided by players.

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The current progress

Marshall also stated that the ICC is currently looking into “12 to 20 active corruptors”, with 6 more being suspected of activities, whom the players should stay away from.

The information provided by Marshall does not come as a surprise since Indian bookies have been a huge part of the corrupting influence in the sport of cricket. They were responsible for the 2000 match-fixing scandal which shook the cricketing world to the core.  Marshall stated that the six pictures shown to the players were all of men, but a few women were involved in the whole matter too.



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