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Kohli or Tendulkar? AB de Villiers picks better batsman

Cricket is a team game and there is very less scope in a team game for an individual player to stand out and get all the credits for the victory of their team. But there are a few players who have just proved that they are bigger than the game.

One such player is Ab de villiers. He is one player who can be compared to the players of any era. The sheer dominance he showed on the cricket field is something that could inspire a whole generation of kids. It was his turn in this quarantine period to pick one of the toughest choices that he had to make between Virat Kohli and Sachin Tendulkar.

Virat is a chase master- Ab de Villiers

Mr.360 was put into one precarious situation when he had a casual chat with the former Zimbabwean bowler and commentator Pommie Mbangwa for cricbuzz. In the casual chat session, the commentator asked one of the difficult questions to the legendary batsman to choose between Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli.

The former South African captain was shell shocked as he couldn’t able to pick one among those two greatest batters but revealed that he would want Virat Kohli in the team if he is chasing a total. He also went on to say that he has never seen a player chasing totals like Virat Kohli.

Here’s the snippet of Ab de Villiers's talk session with Pommie Mbangwa.

Virat Kohli is like Federer and Smith is like Nadal-Ab de Villiers

The current generation has been lucky to witness one of the greatest rivalries in the history of cricket between Steve Smith and Virat Kohli. There is no question about the fact that Virat Kohli will overcome Steve Smith with regards to white ball cricket but it’s the latter who has the edge over the Indian captain. When asked to pick one between Virat Kohli and Steve Smith, the versatile batter picked Virat Kohli due to his natural stroke play. He also went on to compare Virat with the tennis legend Roger Federer and Steve Smith with Rafael Nadal.

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