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R Ashwin replies to Sanjay Manjrekar’s comment “Ashwin not All-time Great”


Sanjay Manjrekar, the former Indian batsman is known for his shrewd analysis of the game but also cops a lot of criticism for speaking his heart out. The fact that some accuse him for being biased towards his state (Mumbai) cricketers is often transparent and cannot be denied as well.

The latest controversy which Sanjay Manjrekar has ended up is his picks for all time great bowlers in which he didn’t mention Ravichandran Ashwin for a silly reason that the ace off spinner hasn’t got a 5-fer in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and England. The veteran off spinner in Ravichandran Ashwin has hit back at the Mumbaikar in a rather sarcastic manner.

R Ashwin uses a tamizh movie reference

When Sanjay Manjrekar tweeted his top 10 list of all time great bowlers, he didn’t mention Ravichandran Ashwin who has a stellar record on all counts which triggered several cricket fans.

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R Ashwin himself took to twitter to quote the tweet of Sanjay Manjrekar and used a tamizh movie reference where the hero asks his friend to not say such words as it’s really hurting him. One can gauge the sarcasm in this tweet with respect to the context and it has gone viral in social media.

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R Ashwin is the greatest off spinner to have ever played for India. The fact that he plays alongside an one of the all time great bowling attacks in test cricket history makes him so special that he is able to standout amongst this bowling attack.

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India had to make a tough decision when it comes to playing tests on seamer friendly wickets as they cannot afford to play both Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja and more often than not, it’s the former who has to make way for an additional seamer or an all rounder which is not the case with Nathan Lyon whom Sanjay Manjrekar rates highly.

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Since Australia have only one spinner at their disposal, they are forced to play Nathan Lyon inspite of poor returns by the off spinner who is considered as a GOAT by several cricket pundits.

R Ashwin proved himself in Australia in the previous tour that he can be lethal on unhelpful wickets as well and the upcoming England series will help him to shut his critics once for all.


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