Shubman Gill Sister: All you need to know about Shahneel Gill

Updated on: Jan 24, 2023 5:09 pm IST

  • shubman gill sister

    Shubman Gill happens to be a loving brother to sister Shahneel Gill. Let’s find out more about her.

    Age 23
    Boyfriend Not Known
    Brother Shubman Gill
    Instagram shahneelgill

    Who is Shahneel Gill?

    Shahneel Gill has been raising the hotness quotient across social media lately. She may be famous for being Shubman Gill’s sister but judging by her style and unreal beauty, she can definitely hold on her own. She appears to be an avid traveller and have a passionate free spirit. Check out this stunning picture by the beach, Shahneel is sporting a sizzling swimsuit:

    Shubman Sister

    Her wardrobe is second to none. Whether it is traditional or western wear, she always seems to nail down the look. She has aced the insta game and the fans love her to bits. Below is a pic where she is looking extremely elegant and classy in a traditional outfit.

    sister of shubman gill

    Shubman Gill is seldom seen on her social media, collaborating with her on Insta Reels. We are pretty sure the siblings have a healthy relatiosnship. Shubman’s much talked about relationship with Sara Tendulkar might have gone sour but she still appears to be friends with Shahneel. Sara is often observed liking and commenting on her pics.

    shahneel gill with brother shubm

    Currently sitting on 55 thousand followers, we are pretty sure this diva will rake in more numbers. Give her a follow!

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