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Watch: Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma play cricket at home amid lockdown

It has been a hard couple of months for the entire world who have been forced to lock inside their home due to the dangerous corona virus pandemic which has been taking lives for fun all around the world.

The sporting action has been completely suspended for the time being and the sporting personalities are motivating themselves to keep their body fit in this idle time which is not an easy thing as it requires immense mental ability to do so without proper workspace to workout. Indian pacer Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a prime example as he has been stranded inside his apartment where the available resources are very minimal to carry out a proper workout routine.

Virat Kohli takes the help of his wife Anushka Sharma

The current Indian captain and the legendary player in Virat Kohli is one player who wants to step on to the field and give his 100% all the time. In a time like this where he has to hold back himself inside his home and not being able to play any cricket is something that will be very hard for an aggressive character like him. The world cup winning member has decided that enough is enough and started training in his backyard and even played cricket with his wife Anushka Sharma which went viral in social media.

Here is the special video in which Virat Kohli plays cricket with his better half in Anushka Sharma.

Captain will look to end his dry patch!

Virat Kohli is one rare cricketer who haven’t seen a dry patch in his illustrious cricket career that has lasted more than 12 years. But the #1 batsman in the 50 overs format has been going through a slump off late which has been very unlike Virat Kohli.

He endured a terrible test series on the shores of New Zealand where he was expected to dominate considering his past experience of playing in New Zealand. He will be hoping to comeback stronger when the cricket resumes.

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