Why is Ben Stokes not playing IPL 2024?

Published on: Nov 24, 2023 12:20 pm IST|Updated on: Nov 24, 2023 12:20 pm IST

ben stokes not playing IPL 2024

Ben Stokes has opted out of IPL 2024. England’s Test captain and all-rounder, Ben Stokes, has taken a significant decision regarding his cricketing commitments for the upcoming year. Stokes, who was bought by the Chennai Super Kings for a hefty sum in the 2023 IPL auction, has made himself unavailable for the 2024 edition of the tournament.

Why is Ben Stokes not playing IPL 2024?

The decision comes as Stokes grapples with a persistent knee injury that has been a hurdle in his recent cricketing endeavors. His participation in the 2023 IPL was limited due to fitness concerns, where he managed only two appearances for his franchise.

Despite enduring the injury, Stokes showcased his prowess in the Ashes series and notably emerged from his 50-over retirement to represent England in the World Cup 2023, held in India.

Ahead of England’s grueling five-match Test series against India, commencing in January, Stokes has opted for surgery to address his knee issue. Citing the necessity to manage his workload, Stokes has made the tough call to skip the IPL 2024, aligning his priorities with his rehabilitation and fitness regimen.

In a statement issued by the Chennai Super Kings management, they affirmed their support for Stokes’ decision, acknowledging his dedication to managing his physical condition amid a demanding cricketing calendar. The franchise backed Stokes in his endeavor to focus on recovery, especially with England’s Test series against India preceding the IPL and the looming T20 World Cup scheduled for June 2024.

“England Test captain, all-rounder Ben Stokes has made himself unavailable for IPL 2024 to manage his workload and fitness. Stokes, 32, became a part of the Super Kings ahead of the successful IPL 2023. He recently participated in the ODI World Cup 2023, which he came out of retirement for. The Chennai Super Kings management is supportive of Ben in his decision to manage his workload with England playing a five-Test series in India before the IPL and then the T20 World Cup in June 2024.”

CSK Statement on Ben Stokes

The Chennai Super Kings, who acquired Stokes ahead of the successful IPL 2023, reiterated their support for the player’s efforts to strike a balance between recuperation and commitment to national duties, recognizing the significance of managing his workload ahead of crucial international fixtures.

Stokes’ decision to prioritize his fitness and recovery aligns with his unwavering commitment to cricket and underscores the challenges athletes face in maintaining peak performance while managing injuries. His absence from the IPL 2024 is a strategic step aimed at ensuring his readiness for forthcoming international challenges while also facilitating a conducive environment for his rehabilitation and fitness journey.

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