Russian politician warns women to shun sex with non-whites throughout FIFA

Updated on: Jun 14, 2018 8:11 pm IST

A Senior lawmaker of Russia has warned all the Russian ladies to stay away from the non-whites so that they will not end up their life raising mixed race children all alone. The Head of parliament’s committee Tamara Pletnyova passed this statement in Moscow on Wednesday. The reason behind this statement is merely stating the history that Russian knows very well, in the year 1980 when Russia hosted Olympics, lot’s of women conceived mixed-race children with African, Latin American or Asian men that later turned severely for them as their child faced racism in their own country.

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In a statement, she said, “We must give birth to our children. These (mixed race) kids suffer and have suffered since Soviet times, It`s one thing if they`re of the same race but quite another if they`re of a different race. I`m not a nationalist, but nevertheless, I know that children suffer. They are abandoned, and that`s it, they stay here with mum.”

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Another politician of Russia stated a bitter statement pointing on 31 countries who are participating in the FIFA event. He said that be careful from the foreigner as they could bring viruses and can infect us from it.

Are you serious?

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