Legends Never Die

Updated on: Mar 20, 2018 12:06 pm IST

As a kid, I have always looked up to the legends of fierce warriors who lived for honour and even sacrificed their lives to taste glory. Ballads of their indomitable spirit are still sung with great enthusiasm. Echoing through time that winners never quit, they never give up when they are beat down, especially then, they pick themselves up once more and go for glory for one more time. That’s what makes them legends because they always come back. And, here’s such a tale of such a legend that defied the laws of physics and strike off, age being a barrier to reaching greatness. He is 33 years old, he is not god gifted like the other one people say but still being ordinary he stands with pride with his 50th career hat-trick, becoming the fastest ever player to reach that mark in La Liga history.

Before yesterday’s match, the world of football enthusiastically celebrated the new football sensation called Mo Salah, who is having a dream run in this season before that Lionel Messi scoring goals in consecutive matches from set pieces made everyone in the world ask questions about the Old Portuguese and some of them even ruled him out claiming he now stands in the inevitable time, when one literally calls it a day. However, even in one of his worst seasons of his career, he has catch up with the top scorers in Europe and even surpassed them in the overall tally. Coming out to the screaming of the whole world gathered around to see him play, to see an old winger before jumping up in the air points to himself then points to the ground showing off his ‘Right here, Right now,’ the impossible is expected of him because he is the only one who can do it and shockingly he has been doing it since 2008, when he lifted his first Ballon d’Or trophy, the most prestigious award till date for any footballer. Since then, he lifted the trophy four more times equalizing the achievements of a god gifted player.

Perhaps, that’s why his haters hate him because he showed the world that with his mortal errors, human flaws, hard work and determination, he can reach the top of the world and can anyone who aspires to be great.

Here’s are the statistics of Cristiano Ronaldo in the season 2017-18:



The reason why Cristiano Ronaldo is hailed as the best in the business because of the hard work, ethic and determination he brings to the game in every match, even when he is out of form. For players like him, it has become mandatory that they have to score no matter what, whether injured or not or having a bad day at work, nobody cares because they have gathered to see a legend and they want to take out something from every match they can tell their grand-children about it.

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