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FOUR FEUDS that Daniel Bryan can have in 2018!


Two years ago in February 2016, Daniel Bryan shocked and devastated his fans as he announced his retirement from professional in-ring wrestling. This brought his newly achieved momentum to a screeching halt. But on the 20th March 2018 episode of Smackdown, he announced to a roaring chant of ‘YES!’ that he had been cleared by doctors to perform in the squared circle. Here’s a look at the four possible feuds Bryan can be involved in 2018.

#1 The Miz

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The one wrestler everyone wants to see Daniel Bryan feud with is the current WWE Intercontinental Champion. The tension between them started when The Miz insulted Daniel Bryan on an episode of Talking Smack and then started using his signature kicks during his matches to mock Bryan for retiring.  Fans would love to see The Miz get his comeuppance and maybe even Bryan winning the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

#2 Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn

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The sight of seeing Bryan wrestle again after two years was an amazing moment for the fans. Now to capitalize on that WWE can have Bryan feud with the duo and maybe even form a partnership with another wrestler such as Kane, bringing back team Hell No! for a short while.

#3 Shane-O-Mac

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As Bryan is still seen as a babyface and Shane showing signs of a heel turn, it would be an amazing sight for the two to blow it off at a PPV event. The fans know both are very capable wrestlers and will have some amazing spots.

#4 AJ Styles

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Now even though Bryan, AJ, and Nakamura have mostly seen eye to eye, fans have been fantasy booking AJ  facing off against Bryan since their joining. ‘The Face that Runs the Place’  facing off against the most technical ‘Goat’ wrestler of his generation will be a dream come true.

Daniel Bryan is one of those gifted wrestlers who can face any wrestler and still have an amazing feud, action-packed matches, and steamy promos.

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