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Published on: Feb 25, 2020 4:40 pm IST|Updated on: Sep 25, 2023 5:48 pm IST

who is Vini Raman

Vini Raman is the wife of Glenn Maxwell. The duo have been dating since 2017 and got married on 18 March 2022.

Age 30 Years
Profession Pharmacist
Husband Glenn Maxwell
Instagram vini.raman

Birth date: 3 March 1993
Profession: Melbourne-based
Height: 5’3″
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Who is the wife of Glenn Maxwell?

Vini Raman (Married on 18 March 2022)

Maxwell wife

wife Maxwell

maxwell gf Who is the wife of Glenn Maxwell?

Favourite Travel Destination: Mexico

Favourite Food: Margarita Pizza, Tacos, Coffee

Favourite Colour: Pink

Favourite Musician: Usher

Hobbies: Swimming, Travelling

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How did Glenn Maxwell meet Vini Raman?

Glenn Maxwell reportedly met Vini Raman, a Melbourne-based pharmacist, at a common friend’s wedding in 2017. The two started dating soon after and have been in a committed relationship since then.

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What is the profession of Vini Raman ?

Vini Raman is a pharmacist by profession. She has a degree in Pharmacy from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, and currently works as a clinical pharmacist in a hospital. Vini has also worked as a beauty consultant and has her own beauty blog where she shares tips and recommendations on skincare and makeup products.


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