Cricket Stats

Cricket rules the roost in India. Fans want to immerse themselves in the game, watch and follow every ball with an intent to soak up every number and stat related to the player and their favourite team. At India Fantasy, we are always building a platform where you get everything related to the player or the team. In the age of fantasy sports, the need to know the cricket stats – the number-game around cricket – for the fans is as important as watching the game itself. Without the knowledge cricket records, and the lack of cricket statistics, you can’t do with in Dream11 Prediction. Here at India Fantasy, our player stats section covers every bit of number related to cricket:

Players Stats

Under this section we are building a platform where fans can find stats related to cricket players and teams. Cricket supporters are always intrigued by a player’s form, his ODI record, Test record or T20 record against a particular player or a team. It’s always fascinating to see what is Virat Kohli’s ODI record against Pat Cummins, to be precise, or how Rohit Sharma’s Test record looks like in comparison with his other teammates.

This is what we are striving to cover under our ‘Players Stats’ section. Whether it's the IPL players or domestic, or international players, we will try to cover as many players' stats as possible.

Batting, Bowling and Team Record

The batting bowling and team record section will bring more focus on players and teams overall stats. The whole package will focus on the three main departments of cricket, i.e. batting, bowling and fielding. The stats become even more important in big tournaments. A cricket fan always wants to know his team’s record against a particular opponent ahead of the all important game. For example, before any India vs Pakistan cricket game, Indians fans are always intrigued by their team’s batting record, while it’s the opposite, as historically, Pakistan has been a bowling team, and that’s what fans want to know.

IPL Stats

The Indian Premier League is the biggest domestic cricket tournament in the world. Players from all over the world dream about playing in it. Almost all the fantasy cricket apps put all their efforts, and invest money, during the IPL season. Because this is when they get all the traction.

We, India Fantasy, are no different. We give special coverage to the IPL. Every season we try something different, making provision for IPL 2021 in UAE in the form of many IPL Stats based articles, and videos.

IPL Stats will cover batting, bowling and team records of all IPL franchises. In addition, we will also be posting IPL news falling in line with all the latest developments of the tournament, updated IPL table, IPL schedule, IPL match prediction, IPL fantasy leagues and IPL Dream11 articles.

We make sure that our predictions and news are always neutral. We give our honest opinion about every team and strive for the best possible Kolkata Knight Riders News, Chennai Super Kings News, Delhi Capitals News, Royal Challengers Bangalore News, Mumbai Indians News, Punjab Kings News, Rajasthan Royals News and Sunrisers Hyderabad news.

ODI Record

T20 may be fast and high-octane extravaganza, but the One Day Internationals, together with Test Match, remain the ultimate acid test of white-ball players. In this section, we will have players and teams’ ODI records, together with players head-to-head record against each other.

New Zealand is the current no-1 team in the world, Australia second, while India is ranked as the 3rd best team in the longest form of white-ball cricket.

ICC’s rankings, across all formats, are based on the points and rating system. In addition to the team rankings and players and teams’ records, the ODI records also include player rankings and player comparison.

For this section, we will have specially curated articles with our main focus on the ODI record of teams and players involved in the 50-over world cup, domestic and international games.

Test Record

India and New Zealand will contest in the inaugural World Test Championship final in Southampton for the sole reason that these two teams finished with the best test record after the two-year test cycle culminating in the one-off marquee match.

In today’s cricket, every single run or wicket, of even the slightest midfield, everything is seen through the lenses. Stats matter. In India, cricket fans do rate tests and that’s why they always want to know the Virat Kohli Test Record, Rohit Sharma Test record, Jasprit Bumrah test record, MS Dhoni Test record, Sachin Tendulkar test record, Rahul Dravid test record, to name a few.

T20 Records

The IPL 2021 season stopped midway due to the Covid-19 pandemic but the tournament is set to restart in the UAE. Cricket fans are interested to know the T20 records of every IPL team. And we have got you covered. At India Fantasy, covering every IPL Team’s T20 records is our main aim and we will be leaving no stone unturned in making that happen.

The buzz around the T20 records is also high due to the upcoming T20 World Cup, which may or may not happen in India. Regardless of that, cricket fans will remain adamant to know India’s T20 records, Pakistan’s T20 records, Australia T20 Records, England’s T20 records, South Africa’s T20 records, New Zealand’s T20 records, and West Indies’ T20 records. This T20 records will also cover every team’s T20 rankings, T20 fixtures, T20 schedule and T20 form.