October 3, 2018
| On 7 months ago

Virat’s website gets hacked by Bangladeshi fans

By Christopher Paul

The hack

In what many would call an act of revenge, Indian captain Virat Kohli saw his official website being hacked by Bangladeshi fans. Revenge for what? During the Asia Cup 2018 finals, Bangladesh’s Liton Das was on fire till he got stumped by MS Dhoni.

The dismissal was questionable and even the third umpire was called in to make the final call. The decision went in India’s favour and this left many Bangladeshi fans upset. The image of the dismissal was sent around social media for a few days. Many believe the dismissal was wrong while other accept the umpire’s decision.

The reason

The hack was due to this very same reason as when Virat’s website was hacked, pictures of the dismissal were posted with a note for the ICC. The message that followed the image read as follows:

“Dear ICC, Didn’t Cricket use to be a gentlemen’s game? Shouldn’t every team have fair rights? Please explain how it was out? If you don’t officially apologize to the whole world and take actions against the umpire then get ready to be hacked every single time you recover the site,”

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The protest

The hack is being seen as a sign of protest by the group CSI (Cyber Security and Intelligence). The group has stated that they do not mean any disrespect to the Indian people or Virat and are simply trying to bring what they felt was a wrong decision to light.

They feel like it was an injustice to the Bangladeshi team as Liton was giving it his all and was taken out of the tournament under questionable circumstances. The hackers feel the decision was made in India’s favour as they were the fan’s favourite.

The hackers made their intention behind the hack clear with another message that read:

“And my fellow Indian brothers and sisters, We mean no disrespect to you guys. Please think about it. How would you feel if injustice was done with your team? Every single national team should be treated equally in the game,”

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