Cricket Betting Tips

Looking for Cricket Betting Tips? Cricket is the most loved sport in India. There is something for all the age groups in the game. The power of cricket in India is heavenly; the very sport brings out a host of emotions among Indians. In this section, we touch upon free cricket betting tips, online cricket betting and expert free tips on cricket.

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5 Best Cricket Betting Tips & Predictions

In addition to the analyzing the matches and the predicting the outcomes, we also provide the users with the expert betting application that makes it easier for cricket betting viewers.

The cricket betting app includes all the betting odds offered and the probability of the outcome to happen in advance. The Indiafantasy website will give the users the best possible detailed analysis of every single cricket match through the cricket betting app which will help the viewers place bets easily.

We provide our cricket betting tips based on the odds offered. Thus, there are chances that we might bet on some unlikely events but the return we would get suggests that we could stand to make big time money on that particular bet. From IPL Live prediction to betting tips of all other popular cricket tournaments, you can find here on this platform. The cricket betting tips are based on our own extensive research.

● Avoid Chasing Your Losses

Every single person plays to win, but winning is not always the final result. Losing is part and parcel of betting and it normally depends on how the individual reacts to the situation. It is very much important to never chase your losses and thus, fixing a daily or weekly limit becomes very crucial.

Every user must have a proper strategy in mind to plan and track the finances. The risk of going into gambling addiction should always be avoided. In a noticeable and an important fact, cricket betting should always give a sense of enjoyment and not an addiction.

● Proper Research

It is very much vital to do proper research while forming a clear betting strategy and placing a wager. Cricket goes much beyond statistics and numbers as conditions, strategy and individual battles also play an important role. In order to make the right calls while betting, it is crucial to understand the previous records between the teams.

Users can easily check the betting tips on our platform for every single cricket match as the confirmed playing XI, key players to watch out for and much more information is available. Thus, always place your bets on the basis of a proper research and analysis.

● Place a Head-to-Head Bet After the Toss

In a cricket match, the outcome of the toss is the most important factor. Therefore, users should refrain from placing a head-to-head bets before the toss has actually happened. Often seen in cricket especially in Test matches, teams winning the toss have went on win the matches as well.

In the current scenario, waiting for the outcome of the toss and insight into the conditions is very vital. It is crucial to know the conditions at a particular venue, whether the pitch will assist the pacers or the spinners. The outcome of the toss and the pitch report gives a better idea to users while placing head-to-head bets.

● Ensure the Betting Site is safe

It is always necessary to place bets through trusted providers. Nowadays, the internet is filled with a lot of scammers looking to trap users by providing fake promotions and other offers. Thus, it is important to ensure that the website or app is following the appropriate security measures and encryptions in place.

Checking the reviews of every betting website is very crucial to win big amount of cash and not to be involved in any type of scams and frauds. The trusted websites always provides the users with the easiest method to place bets and the information about the list of secured betting websites is available on our platform.

● Learning About the Different Types of Bets

In the game of cricket, there are normally a lot of betting options. From how much runs will be scored in an over, the next wicket to fall, the result of a match and the possibilities are endless. But it is really necessary to have a clear understanding about each option and taking into consideration the probability of the event happening.

It is always important to back your instincts as previous experiences often helps in making the right betting calls. Building a proper betting strategy and having a financial plan and limit, increases the chances of being successful in cricket betting.

Proven IPL Betting Tips & Predictions

Every cricket fan across the world is eager to know the today IPL match score and what all is happening in the best T20 competition contested across the world. All the IPL match previews, reviews, reports, highlights, live score and streaming details is regularly updated on the website.

anticipation before every IPL game starts and also assists the fantasy users in doing their homework before competing with others in an attempt to win big Dream11 cash.

Live cricket score and live streaming has become a norm amongst the young cricket fans, however, there are still several viewers who like to watch cricket matches on the TV.

IPL is the most followed T20 League across the globe in comparison to tournaments like Big Bash League, Caribbean Premier League, Pakistan Super League and the English T20 Blast. From IPL Live prediction to betting tips of all other popular cricket tournaments, you can find here on our website. The cricket betting tips are based on our own extensive research.

The cricketing data is obtained from highly relevant and accurate sources and then put together into a meaningful organised format which eventually helps the cricket fans in placing perfect bets that is sure shot to win big time cash in every IPL match.

Cricket Betting Odds and How They Work

betting app offers and what do they mean. At first glance, they might seem complicated, but once you get the grasp of them, you could become a successful bettor in the long term.

Cricket Betting Odds: It is merely a chance or probability of the occurrence of a result/outcome. It provides you with an idea about the outcome of your wager.

Example: If India is playing Pakistan and the odds for India to the win the game is 1.80, then you could find the chances of India winning the match by using this formula:

Probability: 1/Decimal Odds

In this case, which would be – 1/1.80 = 0.5555, i.e. 55.55%

If you are placing a bet on a particular game and you want to know how much you would win on the given odds, you could calculate it by the given formula: Your Winnings/Profits = (your stake*odds - your stake) Using the example given above, if you have placed a 100 INR bet on India against Pakistan on the odds of 1.80, your total payout if India wins will be 100*1.8 = 180 INR Your Profits = (100*1.8 – 100) = 180 – 100 = 80 INR In case India lose the game, you would lose the 100 INR.

Types of Cricket Betting Odds

The betting odds are represented in different patterns. The meanings of those patterns are the same; just the way to represent them is different. You must understand them. The two biggest types of the cricket betting odds are – Decimal Betting Odds and Fractional Betting Odds.

  • Decimal Betting Odds: It is the modern version of the betting odds and the simplified version as well. In this, you will get the betting odds in the decimals points which will appear something like 1.75. It simply means you will get 1.75 units in return for every single unit wagered. So if you put 100 INR upon the win of India, you will receive 1.75 *100 = 175 INR if India wins.
  • Fractional Betting Odds: Fractional Betting Odds are a classic representation of the betting odds. It is represented in fractions using (/) between two numbers more like 3/1. It means you will get three units in return for each unit wagered. For example, if the odds for an India win are 3/1 and you place your 100 INR on an India win, you will get 300 INR if India wins.

Frequent Updates on Popular Cricket Events

On this platform, we define the favourites to win in the upcoming fixtures, and who will win. Besides, it gives an idea and insight into how the Today Cricket Match can pan out on the basis of the recent form, standings in the respective league or tournament.

The user gets a look on certain players that have been the standout performers, or could turn out to be the power players based on records and statistical analysis.

Cricket prediction and tips for all cricket leagues, tournaments, and bilateral series’ including Indian Premier League (IPL), World Cup, T20 World Cup, Pakistan Super League (PSL), Big Bash League (BBL), Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL), Taipei T10 Cricket, Caribbean Premier League, Bangladesh Premier League, Canada T20 and much more.

We strive to become a guidebook or a manual for fantasy sports lovers that focuses on providing its valued viewers with appropriate match related information that can help them win big once they take part in the Fantasy Cricket Leagues.

Moreover, we want to improve the decision making skill of the users to select the best Dream11 fantasy cricket tips that could separate them from the rest. If you are the biggest cricket fan and a regular member of Fantasy Cricket Apps, we have got you covered. Get the maximum details to take your game to the next level.

The goal of our website is to create a hub Fantasy Sports fans where could come any day of the week, and look no further. A one-stop destination for fantasy cricket audience to play with data, statistics and information for their need and entertainment.

With the rise of Fantasy Cricket Dream11 Prediction, the true winner is the fan. We cover a variety of formats and matches, as well as covering majority of the domestic matches, the one-day matches, and much more.

All the major One Day Internationals, Test matches, Twenty20 matches going within and outside the nation, and our A-Game gets higher during major events like the Cricket World Cup, T20 World Cup and the IPL. Our match previews helps the cricket lovers to make team combinations, pick the best captain and vice-captain, predict the best group of batters and bowlers.

Frequent Updates on our exciting feature - Cricket Betting Tips

The Indiafantasy website is the best destination for frequent updates on cricket betting tips for all the cricket matches happening across the world. Our main goal is to offer 100% accurate team advice and in-depth today match predictions. Information is everywhere but how precise and accurate?

We strive to break it down for users giving them only the needed info and besides the match details, time and venue, recent form, previous encounters, and statistical backing about players.

Moreover, we go an extra mile to fetch information about events such as the IPL live, Big Bash League (BBL), Pakistan Super League (PSL), The T20 World Cup and the 50 over World Cup, the kind of events that fans wait for with great anticipation.

The Winner Odds are collected from well renowned bookmakers such as Bet365, Skybet, Betfair. The odds provide an idea of how the match could pan out and also provides the user with a gist of how the user can organize a combined eleven.

There are millions of viewers who have won a hefty amount of cash in this lockdown period especially during the IPL by making great use of their cricket knowledge. However, if you guys think it will be a very difficult process and a waste of time, then I am sorry because you are going very much on the wrong side of the tunnel.

There is no rocket science involved in doing online cricket betting and the users just need to follow an easy process to make good use of their expert cricketing brains, which is very much common with Indian origin cricket lovers.


Is online cricket betting legal in India?

Gambling laws in India prohibit betting or wagering and any act which is intended to aid or facilitate the same. It also depends at which region you are living in. If you decide to go ahead with betting, understand the risks, and always get to know your local laws on online betting.

tournaments like IPL, BBL, CPL, World Cup etc. If you are new to the online cricket betting, it could be tricky for you to know which website is most reliable. Some of the most reliable ones include Skybet, Betway and Bet365. These cricket bet websites offer different options, offers, and features.

India has close to 100 million fantasy sports users and the space has seen FDI of Rs 1500 crore in the last few years. From a handful of companies in 2016, the space now has over 200 platforms. The number of users is also bound to multiply in terms of reach much due to the incredible cricket action about to increase with every passing day.

Cricket betting largely involves the use of your cricket skills in terms of choosing the perfect players who can give you the maximum number of points to increase your chance of winning the big prize money. Our basic goal is to give the users the best cricket betting tips as for who we think will be the most profitable to bet based on the odds.

How do you predict a match and win?

The most important factor while predicting about a cricket match is to have a good knowledge of the game. Cricket is a sport that is easy to understand but there are certain aspects of the game that need to be studied well to be successful in betting. In order to place the right bets, patience plays a vital role and going beyond time should be avoided.

Another vital fact that should be considered is to never to place your bets in a rush as the risk factor increases and quality should be preferred in comparison to quantity. A proper research analysis needs to be done while making the correct predictions.

The user who is making the cricket bets must have a clear idea about match statistics, player records and all the related numbers about the sport. Before doing cricket betting, it is crucial analyse the strength and weakness of a particular team.

Understanding the nature of the pitch, home conditions, and weather factors is also necessary. It is really vital to identify the key players in every cricket match on basis of their previous records and performances.