10 wickets in an innings: List of bowlers who have dismissed all ten batsmen

Updated on: Dec 4, 2021 1:49 pm IST

  • 10 wickets in an innings

    10 wickets in an innings – The skill to take wickets in a test match is unmatched as compared to the white ball format like ODI and T20. The red ball cricket requires hardwork and accuracy to dismiss the batters, when they are trying to nudge the ball and play in a defensive manner. This is the reason of them being ranked highly among cricket fans.

    10 wickets in an innings

    The New Zealand left arm spinner Ajaz Patel has taken 10 wickets against India in a single innings and has become the 3rd player after Anil Kumble and Jim Laker in the most coveted list of taking 10 wickets in a single innings.

    In the 2nd Test match of the New Zealand Tour of India 2021 at Mumbai, Ajaz Patel achieved the unique feat of dismissing all the players of the Indian team. With his performance, the visitors were able to dismiss the home team for a score of 325 runs.

    List of Players taking 10 wickets in an innings

    Player Name Year
    Jim Laker 1956
    Anil Kumble 1999
    Ajaz Patel 2021

    Ajaz Patel 10 wickets

    The New Zealand pitches do not offer enough assistance to the spinners, due to its soil and weather. But, few of them have made it to the international level by doing well in the domestic circuit. One such example is Ajaz Patel, who became the third player in the history of test cricket to take all 10 wickets in an innings.

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    In his first appearance for the New Zealand team in the test format, Ajaz displayed his skills by taking a total of 7 wickets. He is expected to grow in the international cricket with his ability to maintain accurate line length and spun the web around the batters.

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