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5 Reasons why proposed Quadrangular series should be annual affair

Recently proposed quadrangular ‘Super Series' by Sourav Ganguly is already creating a buzz among the cricket fans. The Proposed series is set to become an annual event starting from 2021. Let’s look at how this will help the game of cricket going forward.

Revive ‘Lost' Interest in ODIs

Super Series will help to regain lost interest in One Day Internationals among fans. Currently, If you keep World Cups and Champions Trophies aside, there is very little interest and excitement with regards to bilateral series. Traditionalists of the game are still following Test matches and Cricket’s young audiences still find T20 their ‘Cup of Tea'. Mostly, it is ODIs that finds itself in the middle of Muddle.

Constant Need for ‘Quality Cricket'

Game of Cricket needs competitiveness at the moment. Making ODI WCs a 10 Team event was also a part of the same movement by ICC. In a game where there are only limited Nations playing at the Highest level, Cricket can’t afford to lose its competitiveness. Top 4 teams in the world going against each other will surely produce high-quality Cricket to advertise the game better.

an addition to High-Pressure Global Tournaments

This kind of tournament will help players from each country to be better prepared for the High-Pressure situations in Global Tournaments like WCs. We have seen many examples in the past where you need to expose young players at critical stages of a Global Tournament, be it in any form of the game. Playing in this type of tournament will help them gain valuable experience come to the High-Pressure situations in knockouts of WCs.

Even Better Financial Conditions

This move will help the financial wealth of all 4 Cricket Boards. ‘Big 3’ and potentially New Zealand will attract multiple Broadcasting and Media Rights for the competition. Eventually, all the financial improvement will help to govern Bodies to more structured Payouts for Players. This will also help in making Domestic circuits and Grassroots more organized and encouraging for all upcoming talents to take up Cricket Professionally. However, India is not facing any of these challenges, but countries like Australia and New Zealand are facing serious issues in attracting Talent from taking Cricket than other Sports, i.e. AFL, Rugby, etc.

Unique Opportunity for Fans

Cricket fans are in for a treat with this ‘Super Series' where they will be getting the opportunity to watch all the big-ticket Players playing for their respective countries on a single platform. In a way, this will make them nostalgic about ‘World Series Cricket' in the 90s and traditional Tri-Nations in Australia during the early 2000s. Maybe, they can improvise and bring the ‘Retro' jerseys Back.!

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