Highest Strike Rate in ODI | One Day Internationals Records

Published on: Jan 20, 2022 11:15 am IST|Updated on: Jan 20, 2022 11:15 am IST

Highest strike rate in ODI

Highest Strike Rate in ODI – The popularity of white-ball formats has forced batsmen to score runs at a quicker rate. This list looks at batsmen with the highest strike rate in ODI with a minimum of 1000 runs.

Highest strike rate in ODI

Let’s look at batsmen with the highest strike rate in One Day Internationals

Player Team Strike Rate Matches Runs
1. Andre Russell West Indies 130.22 56 1034
2. Glenn Maxwell Australia 125.43 116 3230
3. Jos Buttler England 118.36 148 3872
4. Shahid Afridi Pakistan 117.00 398 8064
6. Hardik Pandya India 116.90 63 1286

(Minimum 1000 runs)

1. Andre Russell

West Indian batter Andre Russell tops the charts for the Highest strike rate in ODI with a strike rate of 130.22 to his name. The fierce Caribbean batsman only plays in one way and that is decimating the bowling lineups. Many times Russell has taken bowlers to cleaners and has changed the course of the game. The right-hander has played 56 ODI matches thus far in his career and has scored 1034 runs in those matches.

2. Glenn Maxwell

Australian batter Glenn Maxwell has the second-highest strike rate in ODI (125.43). The right-hander has been an integral part of his national side and many times has bailed his team out of trouble. Considered as one of the clean hitters in-game, Maxwell has played 116 matches for Australia and in those matches, he has amassed 3230 runs for his side.

3. Jos Buttler

Jos Buttler is arguably one of the best wicketkeeper batsmen going in the world of cricket these days. He has been the mainstay for England’s batting line-up and has played an instrumental role in taking his team to new heights. Buttler stands third on the list of Highest strike rates in ODI with a strike rate of 118.36. Considered as a 360-degree player, the right-hander has scored 3872 ODI runs for his side in 148 matches he has played so far.

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4. Shahid Afridi

Former Pakistani skipper Shahid Afridi always stole the limelight when he came to bat. Known as one of the explosive batsmen in the history of cricket, Afridi has the fourth Highest strike rate in ODI. Having played 398 ODI matches for Pakistan with a strike rate of 117 speaks of how clean hitter he was. In total, he scored 8064 ODI runs and has the highest number of sixes (351) by any batsman in the history of the 50-over format.

5. Hardik Pandya

Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya is fifth on the list of Highest strikes in ODI.  The right-hander has fairy risen in ranks and has developed a reputation of brutal Batsman in world cricket. Pandya has many times proved his mettle and is one of the crucial assets for Team India. So far he has played 63 ODI matches in his career and in those games he has amassed 1286 runs at a strike rate of 116.90.

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