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3 batsman who can score a double hundred in the India vs New Zealand test series.


The top two teams in the test arena are ready to do battle here in India in the India vs New Zealand series and this is going to be one to remember. Two teams that have for the longest time been good to each other on the field and been nice guys are now developing an unsung rivalry and it could not get better for the fans. This is what the fans are waiting for now. A series where both sides go hammer and tongs. It would be great for the ones who are into dream 11 prediction to go out there and expect some points from some batsmen who can come out and perform to potential. A double hundred here could also mean a lot of points for a fantasy team. Here are the likely batsmen who would probably score that 100.

  • Kane Williamson

Williamson is a brilliant player and a leader who is getting stronger in stature by every day. This is one of the situations where he is playing on pitches which assist spin bowling and among the other players in the team, this is a man who can really take them apart and grind them into submission by playing a long innings and taking those important singles to make it one of his best performances in the subcontinent.  He is the one man you do not want to bet against in any kind of situation. This is the man you want to make your captain as you go into the test series and you could be in for some real fun if he starts firing on all cylinders. He has taken some rest in the T20 competition and would have put the ghosts of the T20 world cup final behind him and would now be looking forward to the test series.

  • KL Rahul

KL was in really good form in England and his touch has continued through to the limited over formats. He is wonderful when he gets going and plays fast bowling as well as he plays spin. On his day, he can really take the bowling on and score runs for fun. If this happens against the Kiwis, he could be in for another few top innings. The innings could get Rahul into his groove and he could be looking forward to getting his averages up. This is where Rahul could take the next step in his career and try to level up. He could cement himself into the books with a double century. His highest score is 199 so he knows how to get it done. Well. Almost.

  • Virat Kohli

He is only playing one of the two games but you do not want to put it beyond the captain to come back with a bang in this series and get a double century on the board. Virat hasn’t scored a century for 2 years and it is due. And you know when it is due, it usually comes with this man. If he gets into his groove in this series, he could be the hardest man to stop on these pitches. He is the most complete player in the Indian team and maybe even the world. A double century here on this pitch can really get Virat back into form and that could spell trouble for the New Zealanders.


These are the three batsmen whom you would expect to score a double century in this series. If that happens, they will surely be assets for their team.


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